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Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
To be honest, if someone NEEDS reminding for x, y, z reasons, then I doubt having something like this would do anything positive.
If you have done something that is deemed as breaking the rules, then a staff member will either speak to you, warn you or infract you.
Well, in my honest opinion, I don't think it's so much breaking the rules or something as much as it is just telling yourself not to do a specific action again utilizing specific form of reprimand(and that form of reprimand in PC just so happens to be infractions). I don't mean to go on a psychological rant, but it is self-conditioning and self-"disciplining", if you willl(and sometimes effective), and this person was just wondering if that kind of thing was available here on PC.

They mean no harm, nor do they seek about getting banned from the forums nor anything of the severe nature. More or less just looking for a method of reprimand(that would be available to users), that would tell the individual not to do something again.

I apologize if I'm not making much sense here, I'm pretty bad at wording this stuff, but I tried my best.

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