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    Originally Posted by Pichu_fan View Post
    Whimscott is a Good Choice.I have it on My team and Its ability,Prankster,makes it one of the best Subseeders around.
    Whimscott @ Leftovers
    -Substitute (Once winter comes,you know you can change the time using your DS?)
    -Leach Seed*
    -Encore (Breeding with something like clafairy)
    -Taunt/U turn

    Oh,and Why not give Milotic Scald?Its It a Nice STAB move of It and has a nice chance of burning,and that lowers your opponents attack.
    First of all, why is time and season relevant to substitute?

    I prefer surf for base power. Also, you never see anything using scald if it has the option to get surf (which is too bad, because my early-game Basculin made good use of it until he got access to dive).

    I like the Whimsicott set, I'll try it out.

    One more thing that's kind of off-topic: Why can't you put Pokemon with HMs through Poke-transfer?