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    Hey i would like a save (.sav) file for pokemon emerald on the unofficial gpsp kai emulator for psp
    Player: Male, Name: Josh
    Play Time: any
    Location: Exit of Victory Road(outside)
    Badges: 8
    Pokemon in hand: any
    Pokemon Owned: All Legendary/fossilised/rare/one of a kinds from all pokemon versions up to emerald, all dragon type from all pokemon versions up to emerald, blastoise, charizard, venosaur, ferilagatr, cyndaquil fully evolved, chikorita full evolved, torchic full evolved, treecko full evolv, mudkip full evo(doesnt matter for shiny, and sorry for not remembering all pokemon names)
    Items: all tm's/hm's, inf masterballs, inf rare candies, inf cash, all secret base items

    whoever can do it thanks, doesnt matter how long you take just message me if/when its done

    also i want all pokemon listed at lvl100