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    This is the official thread for Project: Alpha Fan (PAF), which is an attempt to either break, or set (in the case there isn't a record yet) a really low time for fastest playthrough of any game in the main Pokemon series. I'm Myrrh, not the actual founder of this challenge (credit goes to ChrisTom, thanks for that), but I was one of the two people (with seal, I think) to really take a liking to this, and to try my best for it. A few attempts later, and here I am, trying to start it back up. I have a good feeling about this time, though.

    Here are some rules:
    1. No cheating/hacking devices are permitted (no speed codes, always crit codes, etc. Self explanatory, really.)
    2. In the case of Pokemon, no taking advantage of glitches (Mew glitch, Missingno. glitch. The Pokedoll glitch doesn't count.
    3. A camera must record the entire playthrough of the game, so as to assure that no cheating occured. The camera also has to record a small segment at the start showing everything that you are using.
    4. No trading, to either evolve Pokemon, get better moves for the Pokemon you have, level up the Pokemon you have, or trade in new Pokemon altogether.
    5. They didn't say anything about maps and charts. Yes, they are aiding us, but they don't directly effect the game, so they're fine to use.
    6. I am unclear about the rule on emulators. For some reason, I think you can use emulators. I'll check with Guinness when its time to actually do the final run about all the specifics.

    Here are the current members that are going to be working on this project. I'd like to keep it as small as possible after this, less people means an easier communication between us, but I might allow one or two more people. Anyways, here are some people helping on this project right now:

    Inferno Rogue

    For selecting Pokemon to use, I believe it best if we don't all work on the same Pokemon. Here are some of the Pokemon that are being talked about.

    Nidoking, currently being tested by Myrrhman
    Blastoise, currently being tested by RHIOneAlbum
    Kadabra, currently being tested by Karpman
    Dugtrio, currently being tested by MamoswineWTF
    Nidoking/Blastoise duo, currently being tested by jdthebud

    Here's some userbars, made by RHIOneAlbum:

    The above banner made by Karpman.

    This spot reserved for maps and charts.
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