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    Episode 28: Flames in the Ice

    [BGM: Hearts in Ice]

    "Wow...." Ash gasped as the group stepped into the ice caves--the sun peeked through a hole in the ceiling, making the many walls of ice and the icicles hanging from them shine, but not melt.

    "It's beautiful..." Dawn agreed as she led the way down a sloping path.

    Janine, meanwhile, was piqued in some odd writing in one corner of the map. "In order to brave the cold blue...need the warmth of...Rose.

    "Hm?" Janine's musing got Brock's attention.

    "I see an odd message on this map of the caves." Janine explained. "In order to brave the cold blue--what comes next is smudged--need the warmth of--then a word I do not know--Rose"

    "Maybe..." Misty started before gasping at the appearance of vaguely humanoid creatures made from ice. "Ice shades--here?"

    "Worse--we even have eisfay too!" Dawn shuddered as some fairy-like creatures began flying in from the hole in the cave ceiling, their fog making it hard for anyone to see.

    "Hi Magiiro no jutsu! Infernal Explosion!" Janine commanded, embedding some ruby shaped orbs around the swarm of monsters. An explosion rocked the cave seconds later, dispelling the eisfay fog and allowing the group to continue on.

    "Thanks, Janine--I don't think I want to discover where Misty's comrades are by being brought to their location by eisfay." Kissa replied as she shook some cinders from her fur. Miraculously, the ice had not been melted by the explosion.

    "What were those things, anyway?" Ash wondered--Milina had never told him of ice shades, so surely Brock knew something.

    "I don't know their true name--'ice shades' is their popular name because they behave very much like a ghost." Brock explained. "But I DO know what could be creating them..."

    "What?" Now Dawn was interested.

    "Someone--or something--that knows Song Magic is here in the caves." Brock replied. "Ice shades--for lack of a better name to call them--can only be sung into existance. That means that we're dealing with a monster that likely knows a corrupted form of the spell Rallying Call."

    "Hm..." Dawn contemplated the new information for a moment--Rallying Call being used to summon other monsters besides Pokemon was not unheard of, but demons and monsters that could do it were few and far between.

    "But does that have anything to do with the message Janine found?" Misty asked.

    "Let me see that for a second..." Ash grabbed the map away and studied the odd message as he cleared away some dust from the smudged area."In order to brave the cold blue--something..." he mused.

    Then an F revealed from the dust gave him an idea--was it possible the message was referring to a spell?"

    "That's it!" he blurted as the group arrived at the bottom of the slope and into a darker room filled with sloping paths. "The message is referring to a rare spell!"

    "What kind of spell?" Brock hurried over and glanced at the map, where Ash was pointing at the slightly cleaned up message. "..need the warmth of Feu Rose...whatever that is..."

    "Feu Rose is a protection spell--it makes a wall of fire that can even melt arcane ice." Ash explained.

    "Explain to me how we are going to find a fire spell in an ice cave." Misty sighed as she carefully eased herself down a slope that led into a large outdoor alcove with a large lake in the center. A flock of Prinplups was present as well--some of them sliding into the lake's icy water, some sunning themselves on ice floes, some waddling about with Piplups close behind, and still others gathering fish.

    "We could try asking the Prinplups if Kissa can understand them..." Dawn suggested.

    "Actually...I have a better idea..." Ash sneakily smiled as he took the Dreamer's Flute, crept up to a Prinplup delivering fish to a crowd of Piplups, and whispered the incantation to Hypnotic Aria so as not to scare the flock away. When the Prinplup turned to waddle off towards a sloping wall, Ash started to play a march like melody. The Piplups, meanwhile, were fascinated by the song, and began following the flute playing mage to the alcove's northern exit.

    [BGM: Prinplups on Parade]

    "Well, that's one way to get a Pokemon's attention." Misty mused as some other Prinplups and Piplups paraded by her.

    "Music does tame the savage beast after all." Brock reminded her as the group rushed to catch up with Ash and the procession of Pokemon, which had entered a sloping corridior.

    The odd parade wound down the sloping path until a rumbling noise got Ash's attention--an avalanche from outside!

    [Cut BGM]

    One Prinplup motioned for Ash to climb on its back, and slid down the icy slope in a desperate bid to outrun the oncoming snow. The others followed on Prinplups of their own, arriving safely at the bottom seconds before the snow impacted an icy wall.

    "Thanks for the ride!" Dawn thanked her Prinplup before running to see if the flock was all right.

    Brock, meanwhile, was giddy from the ride. "That was so much fun! Anyone for another round?"

    Misty sighed. "Thanks, but no thanks,"

    "So dizzy..." Janine moaned as she tried to regain her bearings. "Next time, Ash-san, warn me if your next proposal involves an avalanche!"

    To Be Continued...
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