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    Name: Jewel (Angel) Starr
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Jewel is what many deem perfect. She's 5'9", with a body that makes European supermodels green with envy. Her eyes are an icy blue, that harden to a piercing sapphire when she's pissed off. Her hair is long, going all the way down to her hips. Her hair is an electric or neon blue color. Her skin is what many call albino white, meaning pure white skin that rivals the color of snow. Her legs are very long, making her a wonderful athlete. Her boobs are...well....pretty big. She's actually quite proud of them. She usually wears various shades of blue tee-shirts and jeans. In the winter she wears a long blue and white trench coat and white fuzzy boots. She always wears sunglasses because her eyes are sensitive to sunlight.

    Personality: Jewel is a loner, not very good with people. She gets into fights often because people won't leave her alone after she's asked them. Once you get to know her, Jewel is one of the most kind, gentle, loyal, protective people you could ever meet.

    History: Jewel was born into a rich family. She craved her parent's attention, but never got it unless she did something bad. She attended Richmount because her parents didn't want to teach her themselves. She wasn't happy about going to Richmount and caused quite a stir. When she was 15, she'd already been in more school fights than most children get into in the 12 years they attend school. Jewel is a very smart girl. She could easily ace every test and homework they gave her. However, school bored her. So she never applied herself. She flunked out her senior year, and her parents disowned her. She was left with about $500,000 and the clothes on her back. They moved to an unknown region, where they ended up in a terrible accident. Jewel wasn't all that upset about her parent's deaths, considering that she was taken care of by the servants more than her own family. So Jewel ended up going to the place where all the kids went when they flunked out or got thrown out. The Pokemon Ranch.

    Main Goal: Trainer, Breeder and possibly Coordinator.

    Egg Number: 16

    RP Sample: Taken from my RP Almia's Shadows Return.
    Jewel paced nervously in the hallway. Her partner, Snowstar, was sleeping on a table. "What was I thinking? I've never taught anything!", she told herself. She straightened her uniform and was going to get another cup of coffee when the bell rang. Jewel looked at Snowstar. "Show time", She said. Snowstar leapt down and walked beside Jewel as she went outside to meet the new students. Jewel saw three of them. One was really tall with dark blue eyes and black hair. Another was about her height, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. The last one was also about as tall as her, with grey-black hair and red eyes. Jewel smiled. *This is it. Time to shine*, she told herself. She cleared her throat. "If I may have your attention", she called. Once she had their attention she continued. "Good morning to you all and welcome to Ranger School. My name is Top Ranger Jewel Night and this", she gestured to Snowstar"Is my partner pokemon Snowstar. However, you can call me Jewel if you'd like. I will be teaching you the basics of how to be a ranger, scientist, or an operator. Once you've graduated, those of you who become rangers will continue to recieve training from myself and another top ranger. Scientists will work with Professor Hastings. Operators will work with Rhyme. Does anyone have any questions at all?", She said. Snowstar was standing beside Jewel, watching the new students with interest. Jewel felt relaxed, this wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. She smiled.

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