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    So we are 7/8 now. Lets see how this works out Most of the list (If not all) are people who talk in the CI&D regularly, with i personally like :D

    Well lets get started then, with my question i started on in the CI&D:

    What does segmented mean? I guessed that you record small pieces separately, and end up with a complete playthrough, but i wanted it confirmed. This allows for doing a segment over and over 'till you get that deciding crit.

    While i wrote that, and the more details i ad'ed to it, the more sure i became that that was the right answer. Am i right?

    I've started my research! (When i get worked up about something, i do a whole lot for it. Expect some more on my completely free tomorow ):

    - 1. Gen has 3 Pokemon in the "Fast" Exp group: Chansey, Wigglytuff and Clefable. Chansey is too weak and rare, Wigglytuff has bad moves, but Clefable is viable.
    - Obvious maybe, but the starters are perfect for this. Good stats and moves. All in the medium slow experience group, with needs less exp than medium fast until lv 68, making it better for this.
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