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This episode was alright. I knew it was going to be boring and it was but I do have to admit, the Archen was very adorable indeed but the main part I enjoyed in this episode was Dento of course. Dento got attacked while stopping Archen. Dento always seem to get attacked by Pokemon now these days. Next thing you know it, Derpfish came out of Dento's Pokeball and electrocuted the Archen which made me laugh once I saw Dento expression. I also love how Emonga try to use Attaact on Archen. At least we know it's a female now. The fighting with Team Rocket was epic. We were able to see Tranquil in action again which is good since the bird Pokemon hasn't been having much screen time. Oshawott reaction when he saw the tree on fire made me laugh. It gets me to wonder who he put in the PC since he still had his new Pokemon out. Ash got mad in this episode while fighting Team Rocket.
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