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    Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
    1) Aren't there three palletes in the DS games as well? In fact the same ones?

    2) New base EXP system? That is the same to isn't it? There is no need to update these things?

    3) Jack confused =0
    1) Yeah, DPPt has 3 icon pallets, all of which are the same as FR's, this much is clear. However, the Unova Pokémon clearly have a new set of pallets available to them, as there are quite a few icons which look dodgy (Snivy, Pansage/Simisage) or downright wrong (Munna, Basculin) in FR's pallets.

    2) The old system only supported a byte for the base exp, giving us a ceiling value of 255. I needed higher as quite a number of Generation 2-5's legendaries got a rethink of base exp in Gen 4, which requires a half word. I made a table of a half-word for each species, separate from the existing data. Simple as that.

    3) When using an item on a Pokémon in FireRed, the game plays a little animation. The co-ordinates I refer to are where on the screen the item gets "used on". I believe they are offsets from the centre of the screen, although I would need to find the table again to be sure.

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