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The best Pokemon for a segmented run is Blastoise. why? Mega Punch/Dig take care of Misty and Surge, and after those gyms he gets overleveled. In the Elite Four, he learns Ice Beam and Fissure (with X Accuracys), as well as Surf. That coupled with saving for the segaments...

Really, the tough part is the begininng. You need to get a somewhat high IV squirtle, i believe, which can make for some initial resets and testing.

once you get to Celedon City, the battles get easier, and it becomes more about taking the right path and managing healing, etc.

I would strongly encourage watching the 1:59 run that's posted on Speed Demos Archive.

These runs also include notes by the guy running it, which could be helpful for noobs at this like me. There's a lot of planning involved, especially with paths and stuff.

I have to say that it will be incredibly difficult to beat the times listed, but since these aren't official Guinness WR (IIRC)....

oh, and I have a Blue cart and Pocket Gameboy. I have to wonder what the method for capturing the video will be.
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