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    @DarkAngel91 - Pending. See the VM I'll send in a moment. :)

    @Everyone else... Sorry for the delay. Here is the first mission, and hopefully an OOC thread will be up tomorrow!

    Mission One: Welcome to Sunnyside!

    (1-2 Posts)

    Hello, students! Welcome to the ranch! I know it has been along ride for the sixteen of you, coming all the way from a school in the Johto region. You’ve travelled by plane to the first of Tripon’s islands, Prepon. You arrived at one of Midpon’s biggest (and only) cities, Waterway, by boat. And from there some kind volunteers got you to the ranch by car. Don’t worry, in a few minutes, you’ll have time to stretch your legs and explore! But first, I have some ground rules…

    My name is Ranch Leader Derek, but you should address me as ‘sir’ from this moment on. I’ve received files on all of you, and I know just what it was you did to get here…so don’t think you can sneak anything by me. There may be sixteen of you and one of me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t always know what you’re up to.Now, the ranch is a big place – the central area that you are in right now, with the boy’s cabins to the left and the girl’s to the right. Those buildings are for sleeping only, or a place to rest and get ready in the morning. They should stay quiet at ALL times. The bigger building in the middle is where I will stay, and where you will do the rest of the living. You may NOT go upstairs without permission from myself, and myself only. On the first floor there is a kitchen and dining room, a small library with encyclopedias on your duties, and another room that serves as a place to sit. I wouldn’t worry about these buildings though; I’m sure you’ll be spending most of your time outside!

    Out here is a small field surrounding the buildings, where Pokemon – and you – can roam around and relax. A little further to the left is where the gardens are, and crops will be grown. The gardens will make the western border, and you shall not go beyond them. Directly behind the buildings and field area, in front of where we stand now, is Lake Sunnyside. Here, you can relax in the sun, or go swimming and fishing (if you’ve brought a pole, of course). But don’t worry, the beach won’t always be a place to play. To our right, a few hundred feet out, is a forest. You are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE allowed to go there. The time will come, young ones.

    Now, without further ado, I present your welcoming gift – a very own Pokemon egg of your own.

    Mission Objective: You now know the basics of what the ranch is like! There isn’t a lot of action in this first mission; all you have to do is receive a Pokemon egg from a table in the middle building. Then, feel free to drop off your things in your cabin and explore a bit! Interaction with other RP’ers is okay, but please don’t use any NPC’s until the OOC thread is up.
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