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Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted an actual update. Anyways, I've been hard at work working on this hack and just couldn't find time to update with something worthy enough. But I've finally got something! You've read about it in the opening post, you've heard rumors about it, they said I was a madman but now I introduce: SEASONS! [cue evil laughter] All jokes aside though, I really am introducing Seasons. Visual seasons at that. So far from what I've seen not many hacks have incorporated seasons. I don't know why but whatever, it's here.

Seasons run on real time and thus changes with the actual month according to your computer. I know a lot of hacks can be finished in a matter of days but by releasing seasonal betas I'll ensure that each seasons can be experienced by the player. The biggest season change is in Winter. That's when it becomes all snowy out. The trees, bushes, ground, paths etc. become paved in snow. Be warned though nothing will ice over [as in there will not be icicles hanging from the houses]. Maybe in the near future I'll add that but for now I love the tiles the way they are. There are, however, a few bugs with the Winter season that I have to work out. Namely the fact that automatic animations don't occur. This means that the water animations and the flower animations don't happen. I'm currently working on a way to fix this. I may just end up having the oceans/lakes freeze over = thus allowing you to slide over them. This won't be a big deal because, as you can see from the world map, there is only one mandatory body of water to traverse. Another bug is that the tileset refuses to turn all snowy in December. I don't know why but whatever. As of right now, it won't begin to snow until January 1st and the snow will last until April 1st. The seasons also dictate certain events, but I'll save those revelations until later. Without further ado, screenshots.

Note: The last screenshot is simply for comparison.

Hope everyone likes this rather small update. On my next update, I'm goign to introduce the Pokennect, any guesses as to what it can be? First person to PM with the right idea will get a cameo in the hack!

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