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    Okay....2 per region....I need to get permission from somebody else*ahem*.

    As for our club attracting more members, we do need a banner or two to promote.....but I guess we do need more members for that since I really do awful on those kind of things. I can probably also think of some people that might like Team Aqua/Team Magma and tell them about it, since not many go on the pc that much and may not know we're here.....but Team Plasma probably got popularity since their new and barely came out in B/W...or that's my opinion. To's probably based on luck.

    After 10 days of nobody joining my [insert random name here] club, the 11th exploded for some reason..and got 10 new members every day for 3 days straight. It then got down since I forgot to update it..thinking it was a fail but I guess it wasn't. :]