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    Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
    I dunno, I'm more or less, looking into adding a few extra Pokemon instead of the whole Pokedex. Maybe instead of a big tutorial document, just to a quick run-through of the different limiting routines and how to patch them, and state the tables to repoint. That's all I'd need to get it. Then maybe later on you could make a more detailed document. But with basic innformation I could make a patcher to insert more Pokemon at ease, or one for your patch to things don't interfere with pre-existing data. Your choice.
    I might forward that info to you, but, like the already existing rom, if you don't want to use a Pokémon, just don't use it. XD
    But the option to use any of the 649 existing pokémon is there. The option to add fakemon with dex entries/movesets etc is also there, as I WILL post the information needed to extend the dex further if people so wish. The main thing here is, aside from containing extra pokémon, it also allows hackers to add fakemon without overwriting any old pokémon. Win/Win no?

    Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post

    Maybe. That's not really necessary if a patch get's released. Let's all just let Jambo51 do what he want's to do. It's his work not ours.

    @Jambo51 Give me a couple of days. I got the move tutors loading correctly is seems so I should be able to have it edit all moves by next release.
    Fantastic. I really don't have much left to do now, so that's great news

    I'll put up information on having a working regional dex in FR once i've finished this patch, allowing people to pick and choose what Pokémon they want in their Pokédexes.
    Obviously, unless you actually award the National dex, you will never see it, and this patch already contains national dex evo block fixes (Golbat -> Crobat for example, will happen without the national dex now).

    In all seriousness, it's really quite easy to do, so I hope people will make use of this patch and the info (when I post it).
    It should help hacks look more professional, as we aren't forced to stick with the predetermined order in FR.

    I'm already aware that Gamer2020's tool has a Pokédex order editor in it, but the way FR is designed, it will never actually read the regional data.
    It requires careful editing of the routines to make sure that it retains backwards compatibility with the bat s**t mental ordering of the Hoenn Pokémon in the rom. (Their Pokédex entries are in National dex order, but their in game ID's are all over the place XD)
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