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    Riku Torikkusuta

    Profession ~ Top Ranger
    Age ~ 20
    Gender ~ Male

    Born in the town of Mahogany. His Mother and Father both loved him and got him into the best schools a kid could dream for, but his father was called up to the Almia Region to serve in the campaign against Team Dim Sun. After a year, Riku's Mother got word that his father was killed in duty and now her family was in danger. The regiments of Team Dim Sun hunted down her and murder her also, but Riku hiding. Their deaths devastated him. He couldn't study in school, unable to keep up with his homework, and was anti-social. Finally, he was kicked out and sent to live with his Grandpa at the Cameran Palace in Hoenn.

    His Grandpa was relaxed and patient with him, telling stories of the Old Pokemon Wars and the story of "The True Guardian of Aura." Riku was inspired by these stories that he began to train in martial arts to become a hero himself. As he grew older, his grandpa forced him to do his work and pressured him to go to college and become a Lawyer.

    At the age of 14, he finished school and "headed" off to college, but actually ran off to the Tree of Beginning. There, he found the crystallized bodies of Sir Aaron and his partner, Lucario. His emotions were scrabbled. He didn't know what just happened to him. Was Riku happy or sad. It reminded him the death of his parents so he ran back to the palace to find his Grandpa furious. Riku's Grandpa physically abused him because he didn't go where he was supposed to.

    Later that night, he heard voices in his head. It was his parents speaking to him. They gave him words of wisdom and telling how proud they were with him then faded away. Riku pondered about what they he heard from them and considered to fight what he believes in. Getting up from his bed and called up maids for assistance. Dying his hair blue-gray color and picking up a Lucario Gijinka outfit to make him look like Lucario. Using his master trickster skills, he move into his Grandpa's bedroom and begins to impersonate Sir Aaron's Lucario and haunt him. Making him leave the Palace. Riku leaves to the "Tree of The Beginning" to learn the ways of a Aura Guardian.

    During his extensive training, he meets up with many different pokemon in the tree and meets the Legendary Pokemon, Mew. Where Mew begins to become fond of him (Due to his trickiness.) and allow him to stay in the tree. One day, he finds a Riolu trying to fight off the three Regi by himself. Right before all three fire a Hyper Beam at the tortured riolu, Riku quickly moves towards him to grab him away from the blast. Saving its life. On that day, that Riolu has been Riku's Partner. Riolu shows the ability of aura and teaches Riku how to use the power of aura.

    Two years later, Riku and Gorz (Riolu's Name) return to the Cameran Palace to participate in the tournament to determine the "Hero of the Year." When he was doing registrations, he tried to enter himself instead of Gorz, but finally enters his Riolu. After 4 rounds of battle, Riku won the tournament and proclaimed as "Hero of the Year." Still in his gijinka outfit, he attends the after party and is awarded a kiss from the queen, but gets a nose bleed and faints.

    In his hospital room, a pokemon ranger offers him a full scholarship to the Ranger School in Almia where he gladly accepts. He is remembers that his father was also a ranger. After his recovery, he then leaves for the region of Almia.

    Just after two years of training and his performance has got the Ranger Union watching him and classified him as a Top Ranger. They allowed him to take S-Ranked missions at the age of 18. Some of the scientists noticed his aura abilities and invented gloves to amplify his abilities ten-fold without wasting that much energy.

    To this day, he only takes missions that concerns "berserk" pokemon where he can go into hand to hand battle with them. Also, Gorz evolved from Riolu to Lucario on the job.

    Abnormal Strength.
    "Bad Boy Attitude."
    Master Trickster.
    Able to control and manipulate Aura.
    Rather fight pokemon then capturing them.
    Gets nosebleeds near beautiful women.
    Tends to run away from girls he likes.
    Sleeps during meetings and class.


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