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    I got your invitation and would be happy to join.
    Username: okjoek
    Team:magma, admin would be nice and fitting for my quite obvious obsession with hoenn but I'l settle with whatever's given. Besides I don't want to steal tabitha and courtney's spots .
    Partner Pokémon:zubat. I've already got crobat lvl 48 with: fly, u-turn, toxic, haze. I also have amagcargo with: Fire blast, stone edge, will-o-wisp and amnesia. Also a mightyena with: Crunch, dig, poison fang, rock smash. Sadly no camerupt yet. I should go get one and teach: Earthquake, flamethrower, sunny day and solar beam.
    Anything Else: Introduction explaination below.

    As an introduction to myself here I have a clearly laid out arguement.

    I've always pondered the idea of creating a new continent for more people and plants and room for fresh water as opposed to the sea whos water is undrinkable. By raising a mountain you change the whole climate of a region. Water that would come off the ocean you rose this new continent from would condense against the windward side of said mountain creating freshwater rain which would pass down the same side of the mountain it condensed against making a river which people can drink from and farm crops.

    Now moving more away from the technological benefits I move onto pokemon. Water pokemon are on of my favorite elements to use in a monotype team being able to counter the grass weakness with ice beams and electrical with ground sub types. But the Fire type has just about an equill ground with its valuable ally, the grass type. Grass types get bonuses in their abilities and moves such as solar beam and synthisis. Many pokemon including dragons can even learn the fire and grass type moves while not as many can learn water moves. Sure water has its own 95 base power 100 accuracy move as a reusable hm but many more pokemon can learn the fire and grass moves powered by the sun. For example I have a weezing with flamethrower. Weezing can resist ground damage that fire types would otherwise be damaged by and it can learn thunderbolt for those pesky water types, shadow ball to cover its own weaknesses, haze for buff removing and even explosion to go out with a bang.

    I'm probably rambling on a bit too much so I'l leave my opening statement (essay) like that.
    ~Okjoek~ "I will become the Hoenn poke'mon master!"