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    I feel like making a sunny day team just for the occasion =) Too bad I live out in the middle of nowhere without wifi. My neigbors will have to do in terms of competitive battling. =)

    Lets see... I think I'l use:

    (setup with heatrock)arcanine- (intimidate) sunny day, overheat, thunder fang, toxic
    Infernape- flare blitz, close combat, u-turn, stone edge
    Weezing- explosion, haze, thunderbolt, flamethrower
    Magmortar- thunderbolt,focus blast, fire blast, sunny day
    Dusknoir- Shadow punch, fire punch, will-o-wisp, earthquake
    cherrim- sunny day, solar beam, weather ball, leech seed

    Whatcha think? Monotype teams arn't all that great at competitive battling but they're creative and fun to come up with. Just love making them.
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