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    Originally Posted by aragornbird View Post


    Good luck!

    I'm actually going to work on a future update this weekend that is mostly text edits and I also wanted to update the Pokemoninfo document.

    Text edits you say? So does that mean the story is is going to be revised? Or are they minor text edits like correcting Bianca's gender? (Still cracking up at how the dad still refers to Bianca as his daugher) Either way, I'm looking forward to it

    Originally Posted by インフェルノの津波 View Post
    Aw man please don't update I'm doing a Nuzlocke of this and I'm an idiot when it comes to ROMS and stuff.
    Well, the creator does have every right to update his or her work. However, if you want to, I'm willing to teach you about ROMs and stuff. Just PM me and I'll try my best to help k?
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