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There was no response from the roof. Was she ignoring him or something? Nevertheless, Mark walked around the field in hopes that her opponent would reply. Commodore was wandering around and giving all of the students blank stares. "...Comon don't stare. You get enough trainers looking at you oddly anyways.." Commodore's eyes gave off a cheerful expression. "PORY-GON!" It cried out.

Mark heard the door get kicked open. It turned out to be the girl from the roof. Seems like she accepted his request. Time to see what the school is capable of...

Commodore floated in front of the girl and stared at her blankly for a few seconds. "Hey! Commodore! What'd I just say?" Mark called out as he walked over to the trainer. "I'm gonna guess this counts as a yes huh? If we're gonna battle I guess we should go over to the stadium over there." He said, pointing over to the forested area. In the forested area there were chalk marks of a Pokemon battle arena. Other kids from his class had been battling there as well.

Mark began to walk over to the arena. "Oh! I don't think I introduced myself. I'm Mark." He said, putting out his hand toward her. Commodore didn't have any hands so he couldn't exactly offer a handshake. So he instead held out his face in replacement of his hand. "PORY. PORYGON" It said in a monotone robotic voice to the trainer's Pokemon.

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