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Commodore floated alongside Jem, staring at him every so often. "PORY..GON," he said. Jem looked at him. "Vulpix!" he said, which translated to, "Hello Commodore!" He continued to trot. "How do you fly?" Jem asked curiously, stepping over a rock he otherwise would have tripped over.

"Well Alice, I'm ready whenever you are!" Mark said as he walked to his side of the battlefield. Alice didn't answer and went over to her side. Jem quickly bounded after her.

"So… three on three?" Alice asked and looked down at Jem. A smile slowly formed on her face. This opponent was probably good at battles for being in the Raikou dorm. Why else would he be so confident? It didn't matter anyway. Alice and Jem were pretty experienced themselves and they wouldn't make this battle too simple. The sun beat down on their backs, although not as hot as it had been in the roof. Alice took off the blue Suicune Dorm jacket and draped it over her shoulder. It probably looked rather strange over a long, red and black plaid coat anyway.

"I'm gonna have to go with Jem first," she said simply. "Vul!" Jem said, running over to his spot on the battlefield. He breathed large flames as a sort of taunt.
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