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    Umm, depends what game you are playing, if it's 4th gen then I can tell you the best hot spots for SS/HG.

    If it's B/W I suggest looking up EV hotspots on google.

    I normally raise them to about 40-50 before I start training them. with RC. Give them some decent moves, and feed them the Stat boosters ex. carbon, protein, HP up.

    I have read places lv 100 will not gain EV's because they can no longer gain Exp. but I may be wrong.

    Use power items Bracer, lens, weight ect. when battling the specific pokemon that give the EV you desire.

    PKrus is great here. I can explain this real quick just to verify for you and everybody else who doesn't know.

    Pkrs will double the EV amout gained.

    Ex. magikarp give 1 speed ev so PKRS will double that.

    now a power item attached.

    magikarp still gives 1 ev but power Items add 4 to that, KOing 1 magikarp with a power item gives 5 speed EV's

    Power Item + Pkrs now take that 1+4 in speed and x 2 giving you a total of 10 EV's

    Remember you can only max out 2 stats, each stat can have 255, for a grand total of 510 EV's max

    But you only gain 1 boost for every 4 EV's gained. So max out the 2 stats (if thats all your doing) at 252 EV's then add the extra to something else.

    that's just a quick run down and a basic guide to help you out.

    my knowledge comes from the 20 plus pokemon I have EV trained in the past few days, along with the others I have trained in the past.

    hope this helps. Any questions PM me.