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    I think I found an unchanged trainer- the PKMN Breeder in the grass on route 3 she has Patrat, Lillipup and Pidove all level 9. The preschoolers levels were really low as well for this point in the game.

    To the person doing Nuzlocke, you dont have to download his update you know!

    My team after Cheren on Route 3 (interchangeable) in order of usefulness: Pidgeotto Lv.19, Herdier Lv.16, Rattata Lv.14, Oshawott Lv.14, Butterfree Lv.13, Pansear Lv.13, Meowth Lv.13, Starly Lv.12, Pikachu Lv.9

    Great hack so far, I've lost against Bianca 3 times, Cheren once (school), Chilan 5 times, Plasma once; but I dont grind its more fun that way

    EDIT: make that twice to Plasma, stupid Moxie sweeping ¬¬
    Try my

    In this challenge you can only ever have 1 Pokemon of any type and if it faints you can never use that type or Pokemon again! You must battle through each game to completion (E4 Champion or Red) without having all your types eliminated. Choose your Pokemon wisely and have fun!
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