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Kerin led Marisa into the helicopter and smiled as he felt her cling closer as they approached it. She was absolutely terrified of everything! How would she last any time in the games if she was terrified of everything? That's why Kerin was here. He was here to protect her. Maybe that's why she was placed so high? Could... could the gods predict the future? Kerin shrugged as Marisa chose her seat and almost demanded in a quite excited voice that Kerin and Fang were to sit next to her. Kerin chose next to her and nodded and smiled at Fang as he chose the one over. He looked at him for a few seconds. Maybe he did recognise him?

"What was your name bef--" Kerin was interrupted by the arrival of humans. Kerin couldn't remember their names for the life of him but he looked at all their faces. They were all familiar but he still wasn't sure if that was because he had seen them on the TV or because he had known them before. He sighed a little. He envied them. All of them. Them and their humanity.

Then the demons entered. Kerin could feel their somewhat evil auras but he felt... the same as them. Kerin smiled at himself. He was going crazy, definitely. The leader of the polls, that Bernie girl, strolled in quite nonchalantly and sat next to Marisa. Kerin swapped glances between Marisa and Bern...ka something and blinked as the guard placed a rose down her shirt and a lolly in her lap. Bernkastel (yes, that was it!) then placed it in Marisa's lap, who tucked it into her dress. Kerin leaned over to Marisa.

"I wouldn't eat that if I was you," Kerin smiled a little but he was sure Marisa knew that already. She wasn't that stupid, surely.

Then the angels entered. Them and their beauty. He looked away when they entered. He didn't care much for them but he was sure they could do some kind of hypnotic crap on him. He kept his head down as the members from districts quarreled a bit about nothing. He rose his head as Bernkastel spoke, her voice... cold.

"You are not the highest of the demons. I believe my streak has made that known. A little girl beat you in the survey. So, how much of a threat are you, compared to her...?" She stopped. Kerin looked over at Marisa then shuffled closer to her again. He didn't want to see her getting hurt now. "Silence yourself, or, I just might kill you."

Kerin looked back at the boy, a demon, she was talking too, his face red. She had hit a nerve and it didn't look like this guy could handle rejection well. He cursed then charged, heading for Bern. Who was sitting directly next to Marisa. Oh crap. Kerin didn't even hesitate.

"Marisa!" Kerin yelled, easily tearing arm rest between them off, grabbing her, ripping her out of her seat and pulling her out of the way. But the boy never made impact with the seat. Infact, when Kerin looked back, Bernkastel was gone. She had moved over to where the boy had been sitting, a red demon was standing next to her and angry, red clouds smothering the other demon. Kerin wrinkled his nose as a familiar smell entered his nose. Blood. He swallowed and with his other hand, covered his nose and breathed through his mouth. He hadn't had anything to drink for days.

"Alright. Everyone who doesn't want to die, search this place for cameras and listening devices," Bernakastel said cooly. Kerin lowered his hand from his nose and felt Marisa pull from his grip and search but Kerin didn't move. He just stared. He wasn't frightened, shocked or scared, he wasn't even nervous. He was interested. He wasn't staring at her demon or the boy, he was staring at Bernkastel.

"You're too bold. You act without thinking of your opponent... Don't you ever watch the Poppy Games, Ryuu?" she sat down. Kerin blinked. She was so cool about everything, as if it didn't matter. It didn't matter if she died, it didn't matter if he died, it didn't matter if anyone died. "Then you should know -if you got the hint, that is- ...That I'm already dead."

Kerin had finished looking and turned around, walking over to Marisa. Okay, so maybe it wasn't what he expected her to say but it wasn't that great of a thing to say either. On that logic, Kerin was dead too. A dead human. He brought his hand back to his nose. God that blood, it was such a terrible smell. Not because it didn't smell bad; it smelt wonderful infact. Like baking bread, melted chocolate and the sweetest perfume combined. It was that if he got too much of the smell, he wouldn't be able to stop himself. Like he didn't with Quinn.

It wasn't hard to find a camera, Kerin's eyes could see them. He broke it easily between his fingers. He smiled a little. He sometimes forgot how strong he was in his last life, but he always forgot how strong he was here. He could probably easily punch a hole through the helicopter, though he wouldn't want to try.
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