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I'm agnostic by definition though I don't like all the terms out there. i usually just say idc enough to look into anything. I will gladly hear what anyone has to say to support a religion, cause, whathaveyou, but most likely, it won't influence more, just educate me. I'm not sure if their is a god out there, but if there is, I've kinda decided he isn't what anyone thinks. I like to think that he could be a 4th dimensional being (that's directed to anyone who likes science). He can not be imagined because we are only 3 dimensional. He is just a normal person who took the "Create a dimension" class in high school. That's just how i see religion and god if he exists. Its half serious and half humorous. I did grow up Christian, however, and I know a lot about the religion and that is probably why I'm not concerned with it. as for aliens, I think there is life outside of this planet, whether it is amoeba or green dudes. This is basically my stepping stones into my joining of this group. I will gladly respond to any questions concerning more detailed subjects.