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The Porygon suffered a direct hit from Quick Attack, but used Conversion to change into a fire type. Mark was clever. The Will-o-wisp absorbed into Commodore, but did nothing. It used Sharpen, and its body became jagged and sharp. To Alice's knowledge, it was not only making itself needle sharp, but its attack rose as well.

"Alright Commodore! Use tackle once more! Change your movement patterns a bit!" Mark commanded. Alice blinked and looked at Jem, who stood on the ground, watching the red and black Porygon. It moved around in a zig-zag, trying to trick Jem. Jem dodged the first few moves, but started to get tired. He panted as he leapt past the attacks. He wouldn't be able to continue dodging for long.

"Jem, stay put and use Hypnosis!" Alice exclaimed. Jem stopped dodging and was slammed by the sharp, jagged Commodore. Jem howled a supersonic ring just as Commodore made contact. Jem was slammed into the ground, but got back to his feet. If Jem's timing was right, the Hypnosis should have taken effect.
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