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    Originally Posted by Gymnotide View Post
    Um. Not offended, but can you please revise your mentality... Please?
    (1) Agnosticism is not an alternative to atheism.
    (2) You can be both agnostic and atheist at the same time.

    Personally, I'm more on the side of being ignostic (with an 'i'! That is, not agnostic) where I believe that the notion of any singular notion of a deity is flawed. Singular notion, not singular deity--that's not to say that I oppose monotheism, but the fact that we interpret all types of deities in the same way. "Deity" or "god" means different things to different people and it's difficult to say that people as a whole are narrow-minded for rejecting the possibility of god. In a way, they are narrow-minded for equating all gods to one definition, but definitely not for the reason you state.

    Atheism is saying this no chance of there being a god, where as agnostic leaves the possibility of there being a god, you can't really be both, because if you are then your just agnostic.

    Agnosticism is basically saying that you can neither confirm or deny the existence of any deity.

    Atheism is denying that there is any deity in existence.

    I see what you mean though.


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