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Ryuu sat on the ground, a pool of blood around him, mostly of the demons, but quite a bit from him as well. He looked over the demon's body once more. Motionless it remained. Bernkastel walked up to it. And kicked it.

"Hm. I suppose that does." She said.

She then proceeded to walked towards Ryuu. Ryuu expected a retaliation, but was surpised a bit when he didn't get one. She wiped some blood off of his forehead, speaking to him as she marked an x across the demon, and it disappeared in red smoke. Ryuu grunted at the x display. It was all to similar to the implied way Ryuu would mark his kills in his mind. It appears she had marked him literally for him.

"....When you're in the arena. When you fight an opponent? You shouldn't resort to physical attacks which will make you bleed. It'll be hard to stop wounds from infection....Keep that in mind."

Ryuu laughed a bit, still not quite sure what she was playing at. He tried to understand her angle. Bewildered, he remained silent, a half smile on his face, mostly from amazement at her response to this.

"Rest in Peace." She said, as his body evaporated into red smoke.

Bernkastel adjusted her hat, and surveyed the people around her, before looking back down at Ryuu. Ryuu in the meantime was panting a bit still, looking off into the "distance", if you could call it that, and thinking about what had happened, and what he had learned. If there was anything he had learned, it's that this event was going to be a lot more fun than he initially anticipated. Ryuu's thought process was broken as he was helped up by Bernkastel. Ryuu gave her a cold look, before accepting her arm and getting up. Right away, Bernkastel let go of him. Ryuu still eyed her for a bit, quite interested in her, something he wasn't before. To Ryuu, a fight or even a simple conflict could reveal a lot more about someone than a talk. He broke his gaze from her, and sat down in the empty spot on the helicopter.

There was a different approach Ryuu had concluded from this. Leave the competition alone for now, let them be at their best for the Reaping. Then, go on a rampage, the hardest, bloodiest rampage he could muster. It would be tough, at least he knew that for sure. But if it wasn't tough, it wouldn't be fun. And boy, was he going to have some fun.

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