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    "Hmm, who wants to be my partner?"

    "I'll battle you!" Wallace hardly realized that he just said that out loud. The last time he battled was years ago he was a bit rusty so he might lose this one but it'd be good training for Lome.

    Wallace walked up to Ace, "You wanna head to a battle field preferably one with water near or around it." He needed to be able to use Taiga at her full strength so he needed some type of water near the battle field or something. Wallace's mind whirled with different strategies but he soon stopped himself from going any farther. He didn't even know what Pokemon Ace had he hoped that Lome could put up a good fight. Lome stared down Ace as she was being held in Wallace's hands she knew what was going on and she was definitely prepared. This ought to be one interesting battle since Ace was from a different dorm then him. Wallace tugged on his yellow Raikou Dorm jacket as it was falling off his broad shoulders.

    Credit: インフェルノの津波

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