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    Looking for Gym Leaders and AAPM/RDM Members

    For Violence
    For Romance Scenes (Let's keep it Low)
    War Language

    Now is your chance to see the world. Your real world.

    In places around the modern Human World, strange creatures are beginning to appear. They are incredible beings with the power to control elements. Soon, they are brought into regular society as everyday citizens. They came to be known as Pokemon, the Miracles of the Earth. And soon, people began to keep them as pets, as friends, and as slaves. Some use these marvels to battle one another, which is enjoyable and often in good taste. But others use them to do all their dirty work. They make their lives miserable, as Humans believe they are the truly amazing race. These awful people have united against the good people of Pangaea, and formed the AAPM, The Alliance Against Powerful "Miracles". Pokemon have began turning against these Humans, even the ones who bring them goodness and cheer. The RDM, Rebels for the Destruction of Man, have began to hurt anyone in their way of destroying the AAPM. This group of rebels are mostly made up of Pokemon. But once a Pokemon is caught or chooses to be partners with a human, it loses it's power to talk. But some Pokemon, although mistrusting of adults, allow children at the age of 10 to travel with as companions. Between the two fighting forces, AAPM and RDM, chaos is brought to the land. But, the children of the world have united against them or with them. What will you do?

    Conflict: Children around the world have been visited by strange nightmares in their sleep, warning them of the dangers of Pokemon. Some have decided to fight for the AAPM, and others have been visited by dreams of the tyranny of the humans and have chosen to fight against them for the RDM. Then, one select group of children, who posess a pure heart and open mind, have been chosen to start a journey with these marvels. They will face challenges along the way, but it is worth it because without them, there is no hope for the future. Endless fighting will pillage cities and towns. The AAPM is creating tools for capturing these Pokemon and holding them captive. The Pangaean Region is slowly drifitng apart due to the chaos sprung up by the AAPM and the RDM.

    The time is now, and the world is Pangaea. To put it simply, the Alliance Against Powerful Miracles, or AAPM, are fighting the Rebels, RDM, for control of Pokemon. Children are bestowed the gift of Pokemon and adults are prohibited the use of Pokemon. However, the Alliance Against Powerful Miracles is building technology in order to capture Pokemon. They are sending agents to capture children. The Rebels however just want freedom so they devise ways to bring down the AAPM. As a Child Trainer, or CT, you choose what you want to do. Fight for a certain team, or just battle it out at the gyms.

    You are either a fighter for one of the forces. Or, a child trainer.

    If you are a fighter for the AAPM, this is your story. You are either a Scientist or a Field Agent. You are allowed to choose one Pokemon, but if you build a bond with it, you may be terminated. As a scientist, you are building new technology in capturing these harmful, yet powerful creatures. You are on the verge of a break-through, but you are missing one key ingrediant. Nobody knows what it is, but the Children Trainers, or CT's, do as they have been given the power in a dream. Therefore, Field Agents are responsible for hunting down the Children Trainers and taking what has been given to them. They must follow direct orders from the Tyrant, who will be me, the GM. What must have happened to you in that nightmare that has made you turn your heart into rock? Were you visited by your friend who is joining the AAPM, or maybe you were tortured. If you are a Field Agent, mad of only children, then you are unaware that the AAPM sent you that dream. Godspeed.

    If you are in the RDM, you are either a Mapmaker, or a Deviser. A Mapmaker is to search the entire Pangaean Region, and find any information they can, while keeping track of what they have seen. They can work with up to 4 Pokemon, but they are not their Pokemon, only partners. Mapmakers can be both children and adults.The Pokemon in the RDM have the ability to talk. Though, they strive to remain non-violent, if they find a Child Trainer, they will attempt to make them release their Pokemon. As a Deviser, you come up with plans, you are a field agent, shall I say the violent ones? A Deviser is a Pokemon, not a human, as humans may begin to care for their race and fail to carry out their duties. However, due to the humans' wishes, there is ONE and one only human Deviser. This is to maintain discipline among the humans. This Deviser may be the wisest of all, able to support the humans and Pokemon. Let's hope they don't go crazy with power.

    Who is left but the humble Children Trainers. You have been visited in a dream and have been selected out of billions of children. Maybe, even though you have been called, you are determined to side with AAPM or RDM. Your parents may hate the fact that you have been chosen, but regardless, you MUST take action. Through your determination, wisdom, and cleverness you will strive to stay alive in a divided world. You can have up to 6 Pokemon. There can only be one CT per household, which means leaving treasured siblings behind. Maybe you weren't chosen but have deemed yourself good enough to fight. This RP will circle around 5 CTs. They are determined by their inner heart, and live in different parts of the world. The main attributes of each CT is:

    Love and Compassion - You have been chosen because you have endless cheer and enjoy spreading love. You enjoy bringing love to those who fail to have it. That is why, your title will be Verus Pectus. Ex. Verus Pectus _(Name)_

    Intelligence and Wit - You have been chosen because, although not the best athletic out there, you have proven yourself where it is most important, your brain. You can easily solve puzzles and find ways to out maneuver your friends in mind games. Your title shall forever be, Verus Mens.

    Leadership - You have been chosen because even in the darkest hour, you will remain strong. You know you have the capability of becoming the strongest and you can maintain control over the weak. You help each link in a chain maintain their value. Your title is great, Verus Rector.

    Cruelty and Sorrow - Sorrow and Joy. Without one, you cannot possibly have the other. You take everything with honesty, and are not afraid to speak your mind. You banish temptation, but use it to win over the public. Through your own personal journey and sorrow, you have enlightened your self to become, Verus Animus

    Sleuth and Strategy - The shadows are your home. It is obvious you have suffered great losses, but you continue on your journey with perhaps the greatest gift of all, you can think on your feet. Even when given danger, you can escape with your wits about you, perfect for the journey. The Final Child, Verus Umbra.

    SU's and Apps:

    Child Trainer/ CT:
    Name and Age:
    Attribute (look above):
    Personality and Why you fit your Attribute:
    Pokemon (Up to 6, but start with 1-2):
    Home Must reflect Attribute and be in the Real World.):

    Unchosen Trainer:
    Name and Age:
    Attribute you thought you would fit:
    Why are You Persuing this Journey:

    Rebel Deviser:
    Name and Age (Human or Pokemon):
    Type of Pokemon: (If you are the human, you do not get any partners. Only the ones you work with.)
    HQ Base:

    Rebels Mapmaker: You just scout out the area. You look for AAPM members.
    Name and Age:
    What was in your Dream: (That made you want to join.)
    Pokemon Partners (4):
    Area of Mapmaking: (Modern Asia, Modern Australia..etc)

    AAPM Field Agent
    Name and Age:
    What was in your dream:
    Pokemon Partner(1):
    Fears or Phobias:

    AAPM Scientist
    Name and Age:
    What was in your dream:
    Pokemon Test Subject: (No Major Abuse of Pokemon)
    Area of Invention: (Making Weapons...etc.)

    Gym Leader: (ONLY LOOKING FOR 2)
    Name and Age:
    Type of Pokemon:
    Where in the World: (Must be recognizeable and related to type)
    Pokemon (3-6):
    For/Against/With Neither RDM or AAPM:

    Twist: You are allowed to have one major OOC, that does not require a whole SU. BUT, you must answer the following for them.

    Relation to Main:
    Occupation: (Above)


    These are where the gyms are located throughout the modern world. You will probably recognize a few or all of them. The gym's pokemon will reflect the city they are in. If you want to be a gym leader, you can select from one of the following, OR, make your own, but PM me so I'll take one out for you. Also, in order to get to these cities, you may use boats/cars/planes, but you still must be realistic. Also, you can't use these methods to get to the exact place, only close enough to journey there and find some Pokemon. Be realistic in that you won't find Skiploom in Mt. Saint Helens. The gyms may be in an exact place, or you will have to search the country to find it. But don't make it so hard, you should be able to find a gym in 2-3 posts by using other people and phone-book like resources. Also, the gyms could move in a country so they may not be in the same place for each trainer.

    North America:
    New York City - Electric
    Mt. Saint Helens - Fire

    Venice - Normal
    Stonehenge - Rock

    Siberia - Ice
    Japan - Steel

    Great Coral Reef - Water
    Indonesia - Dark (Only one that doesn't really make sense.)

    South America
    Amazon Jungle - Grass

    Egypt - Ground
    Madagascar - Posion

    Spots Available

    Child Trainers:
    1. Verus Animus MariaNakise
    2. Verus Mens Roserade
    3. Verus Umbra Fuyu (Also OOC, young sister.)
    4. Verun Rector Nideous
    5. Verus Pectus RavenStar
    6. Dajman1996 (Unchosen)

    RDM Deviser:
    1. Garet
    2. Zapdos926

    RDM Map Maker:

    AAPM Scientist or Field Agent
    1. OOC RavenStar


    Name and Age: Mark Ronimoba, 14
    Attribute you thought you would fit (Include Personality): Verus Mens
    Why: Mark is probably the least athletic boy in the universe. He practically dies after running longer than 2 minutes, and then, the asthma attacks. He hates himself for it. But he hates himself even more because he can stop the asthma attacks in less than 5 minutes. How he can rewire a computer to tell him anything is a mystery to him. He lives with his dad, Reino, who has no common sense whatsoever. Mark watches as otherse taunt him over his lack of intelligence. Mark can easily decrypt codes and his battling style reflects this. He admires the tactical approach to any problem, even if illogical. He'll simplify each targeted problem into a series of numbers and equations.

    Mark probably knows every book ever written. Les Miserables is among his favorite. He can pull random knowledge from these books that help him in dangerous situations. He is a loner at points, and enjoys working alone. It gives him more focus and a larger perspective of the situation. If surrounded by others, he would lose concentration and maybe break under the pressure. Hidden from most people, specifically his father, he is incredibly artistic. He loves abstract work and deriving a meaning that gives the artist justice. If he does have a problem with something, he has no problem with simply stating so. Mark has mastered the art of secretivity, and is capable of hiding the truth easily. He knows his dad is hiding something.

    Apperance: Blonde hair. Wavy. Perfect. His mother's good-bye present. It begins to curl in the back and has a hook-like curl in the front. It highlights his dark red eyes. They seem small, but whenever he looks at someone, it's as if he looks into their mind, to see if they are worthy. He has a bright white complexion. He is compared to ghost in terms of how pale he looks. Even in a dark room, it's as if you can see his face perfectly. He has mole to the right of his mouth, accenting his face with the only shade. He has a rather stumpy neck, which he sometimes covers with a gray scarf. He has pretty long legs and arms; he is very tall. He has very slim fingers, perfect for typing on his computer which he hides in his pack that's slung over his shoulder.

    In terms of clothing, he prefers shadowy clothing. Not grim or scary, but lonesome and far away clothing. He hopes to bring out his emotions about his father and lack of close friends/family. It usually works, though every now and then he makes a new friend. He has a black polo, with two pearl white buttons. He wears a gray belt that loops off his waist sometimes. He has dark black jeans, with no accents. He wears the typical nerdy looking glasses, but they make him look strong, as if he has endured years of pain. Which he has not. He always has a pen behind his left ear, his signiture.

    Why are You Persuing this Journey: He has to make his father proud and prove to those who chastise his father that he has learned so much. He believes he is doing this for his father, but really it's to prove that his wit is not going to waste. He wants to show others his true potential. He wants everyone to know the name, Mark Ronimoba.

    Pokemon: Gligar, Level 16. Moveset: Quick Attack, Poison Sting, Harden, Knock Off.

    Home: Shanghai, China.

    Rex "Regis" Ronimoba
    Relation to Main: Father
    Occupation: Tyrant of the AAPM
    Backstory: In this case alone, this will be revealed along the way. ;D

    Post your OOC thoughts here.
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