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    (OOC: Yes, I was referring to my Pokemon (Lome)! Aha.)

    [Outside; Battle Tacticians Class]

    "Ok then, also teacher said that he will meet us outside, so lets go!" Wallace knew that he wasn't prepared for this battle but he also knew he had to do his best. After all this guy was from the Suicune Dorm and everyone knew they had the best trainers which meant the best battlers. Ace suggested they got outside and meet up with the Prof. and his Pokemon jumped on his shoulder a Sneasel. Wallace knew that if he sent that out it wouldn't be very good to send out Lome first because of the type weakness.

    "You can start," Wallace said as they approached a battle field that had an island in the middle and surrounding it was calm, still waters. On the island there were big and small boulders scattered around it even a few trees. Wallace pulled out Lome's Pokeball and returned her he didn't her causing a disruption when it wasn't her turn to battle. Wallace wondered what Pokemon Ace had and how he utilized them in battle. Wasn't this the guy that battled that other guy when they first came off the ship? If Wallace remembered right he had a Swablu! Wallace awaited for Ace to choose what Pokemon he wanted to use whether that be Sneasal, Swablu or his third one.

    Credit: インフェルノの津波

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