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    Relax for as long as he could, yeah that's definitely not something Shizuka should have expected to receive when the Reaping was involved. The scene that had just taken place was definitely not one for the feint of heart, not that any of it had bothered Shizuka in the least bit - well that is except for the fact that he had to move from his seat. The demon Ryuu and Bernkastel had been having words the whole time, about what he didn't know as he'd tuned them out, and finally Ryuu had snapped and charged at Bernkastel. Shizuka's wings quickly unfolded themselves mere seconds before Ryuu landed and Shizu broke off to the right and away from danger. Bernkastel had used her own demon wings to fly upwards, while Marisa had moved to the left. It was then that Bernkastel spoke to both Shizu and Marisa.

    "Marisa. Shizuka. You might not want to sit there," was all she said before red smoke surrounded and engulfed the other Demon. Shizuka didn't hesitate, his face still emotionless but his eyes showing complete shock at the power that the female demon was showing. While walking to a better vantage point away from the immediate danger of being dragged into a fight, the red smoke that Bernkastel had created made it way back over to where Bern had landed and began to take form - the form of another demon who Bernkastel called Mammon.

    "Alright. Everyone who doesn't want to die, search this place for cameras and listening devices," snapped Bernkastel to the remaining competitors - most of whom quickly scattered around the helicopter to do as she bidded. Shizu stood exactly in the same spot knowing that if he showed fear of her now, she wouldn't see him as competiton and he would definitely have left himself vulnerable to attack. His thoughts were again interrupted by Mammon beginning to circle and entice Ryuu ever more, but it didn't last very long as Ryuu lunged and began pummeling the demon creation into the ground. Blood began to splatter slightly on the walls closest to them and finally Mammon lay on the ground motionless and deep in a pool of blood, the blood also being Ryuu's as he'd split his head open during his assault. Just then the other competitors had returned and started making a pile of all the devices they had found. Bernkastel had walked over and had a few more words with Ryuu but she hadn't said them loud enough for everyone to hear, then she made some sort of mark on Mammon who then burst back into the red smoke from earlier and returned into the symbols on Bernkastel's arm - symbols Shizuka had not seen until now.

    Symbols on her arm. Definitely something to keep in mind with regards to her fighting abilities.

    "Is that all of them," asked Bernkastel yet again interrupting Shizu's thoughts. This Reaping had only becoming more and more interesting by the second and Shizuka began to realized he needed to start focus on observing everyone now before the Reaping actually begun, otherwise he was going to be at a serious disadvantage. Nevertheless he wasn't going down without a fight. He made his way over to Amelia to see how she was doing, he placed his hand on her shoulder making her jump slightly - he had caught he off guard as she stared at Bernkastel and Ryuu.

    "Are you alright?"
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