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Posted. We definitely need to discuss the posting system before everyone begins posting like crazy again because we certainly got off track when Skymin and Eevee were catching up the Vampire district side of everything.

In regards to that, I feel as if it had been dragged out too long - maybe you guys should have discussed the situation through PM and both made one giant post each so as not to have put the whole RP at a stand still where no one could really do anything.

Also, I feel as if the demon and vampire districts are being given too much focus which is now leaving the Angel and Human districts lacking. This is also due to the fact that the people who signed up for those districts have been MIA due to my previous opinion on the RP standstill.

@Eevee, I feel that that post for Amelia could have had at least a little bit more detail as I didn't really find anything in it to help me create a quality post for the RP. In fact, the only reason I even posted today was because I decided to react to the other characters actions.

Just stating my opinion on some things, but I look forward to the RP continuing onward!
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