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    I don't understand your logic, Gothitelle. You said earlier that it isn't acceptable to be a fan of Gothitelle. However, if you simply said that you are a fan, nobody would care. However, you whine about Gothitelle's moveset to the point that you don't even seem to be a fan of Gothitelle. That's why people think you're annoying. A true fan of a Pokemon accepts them for what they are and doesn't complain about them endlessly. I am an Elgyem/Beheeyem fan and you don't see me whining about their poor speed and mediocre defenses. And why do you think its "bad" and "perfectionistic" for a Pokemon to have good Attack and Special Attack stats? So Reuniclus (and Beheeyem) have better Sp. Attack stats. They serve different purposes than Gothitelle. And by the way, if you want a Physical Attacker Psychic so much, get a Gallade or Medicham then.
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