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Made some changes to the Digimon challenge and updated the roster I still lack a computer so unless I get an awesome theme suggestion that I can just copy and paste quickly it will be a bit before I can add any new themes

Anyway for my Nintendo theme I finally have a full team of 6 I shook that Aipom monkey outta the tree named it Donkey Kong, had a friend give me a fire stone so I can have Mario the Flareon murder Jasmine, and now I hatched my little Scyther outta of an egg (adament :D) and it's on my Pokewalker right now leveling up to be a pimp. I am probably going to go save the day at the radio station.

I'm doing so many challenges that I pretty much have a schedule

Monday- Digimon Challenges on Gen I games
Tuesday- Heart Gold (Nintendo) and Soul Silver (Freeplay)
Wednesday- Black (Freeplay) and White (Favorites Challenge)
Thursday- GBA day: Sapphire (Freeplay) Firered (TBA) Ruby (TBA)
Friday- Diamond (TCG challenge), Platnium (Pokemon Seasons Winter)
Saturday- Flora Sky (Heart of a Legend Challenge: Shaymin)
Sunday- whatever I want to do don't judge me

Man so many challenges and games ;_;

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