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    Pokémon Sulfur Version
    -Created using RPG Maker XP
    -Made possible with venom12's 'Essentials DS'
    -Team name: Poltergeist Corp.

    In the lush and scenic island-like region of Zakeo, you are a young boy/girl who has moved to the hometown of Mapleleaf Town, after arriving from Hoenn. Professor Willow of Mapleleaf Town lives next door to you and your neighbor, Mira/Raj. He is allowing you to come to his lab and pick a Pokémon of your choice, as a welcoming to the region. However, shortly upon arriving at his lab, you and the professor discover that two of the three Pokémon are missing, when he says he remembered placing the three on his desk. You decide to take the last Pokémon and begin your quest. When you go to your neighbor's house to brag about your new companion, you find your neighbor panicking. Asking what is wrong, you find out that his/her bike has completely vanished. You try to help your neighbor find it, but it's nowhere to be found. After contacting the local police, they say there has been a recent disturbance with people losing precious belongings and occasionally Pokémon, for them to never turn back up.

    What is the strange disturbance?
    Who or what is behind the supernatural occurrences?
    Why would someone or something do this?

    -Over 50 brand new Pokémon(still deciding)!
    -Ability to buy real estate(for places to rest/PC/etc.)!
    -Dual screen functionality!
    -Mystery gift function(still deciding)!
    -Explore the Zakeo region as well as the Hoenn region!

    ...and possibly many more to come!

    Player's House.JPG

    Professor Willow - Lab.JPG

    - Lab (2).JPG

    I would appreciate the help for the following positions:
    -Intro vid/In-game vids/Title screen
    -Banners/supporter bars

    I know some Ruby, and can do sounds and music.

    -poccil for original 'Pokémon Essentials'
    -venom12 for implementation of dual screens
    -Enterbrain for RPG Maker XP

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