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    -Raike watched as Ryuu tore his eyes away from him to stare at Bernkastel. She had said before, that he was not the highest of the demons, and that he had also been beaten by a girl in the polls. Raike nodded in agreement, and cracked a half smile at the last part of the sentence. When she claimed that she could kill Ryuu, Raike didn't doubt her, which was why he hadn't been too smart with her, and half of the reason he hadn't talked to her. Well, eventually, the inevitable happened, and Raike watched as Ryuu went and tried to impale Bern with his horns.

    He raised his eyebrows slightly as Bernkastel flew up above Ryuu, and then landed back in her seat, before biting her thumb and wiping the blood across her wrist. Some kind of demon emerged a red mist, and hovered beside Bern. Mammon was her name, and Bern seemed to have set her on Ryuu. This had the opposite effect of course, because Ryuu just grabbed her, and started pounding the crap outta of her. Eventually after a few hours, Ryuu ceased with the pummeling, and Raike watched as Bern simply walked over and drew an X on
    Mammons head in blood, after which she dispersed to dust.

    Ryuu sat in a large pool of blood, mostly from Mammon's, but some of his also. He also seemed to be looking at Bern, with a more respectful glare, and he also had a half smile on his face. Raike crossed his arms, but held his legs up to avoid the blood pool.-

    "Well, I hope you got the last of that rage stuff outta your system Ryuu, because I doubt we can get another copter. You wanted blood, and you got it. Good show."

    -Raike said closing his eyes-
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