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    OOOO I love questionaires. I think I can answer most of them.

    Originally Posted by Opposite Day View Post
    1) What is ScarfChomp short for?

    Choice Scarf Garchomp.

    2) CeleTran is a nickname for an infamous combination of two pokemon that damned near resist every type together. Which two pokemon make up this combo, and which type(s) do they not resist?

    Celebi + Heatran. Together they resist everything except Rock type moves.

    3) For some reason, my opponent keeps yelling in the chat that "Your Ferro is no match for my SubRise Zone". What is he talking about, and why should I be vary, especially if my main way of taking out steels is by using EarthQuake?

    [B]Magnezone gets a free Substitute against Ferrothorn and can then use Magnet Rise to make itself immune to Ground type moves for a number of turns. Plus, Magnezone has a great SpA stat that can threaten any team without a strong Fire or Fighting move once it gets a Magnet Rise.B]

    4) Why is it in general not the best idea to put a Focus Sash on a pokemon that doesn't lead off in a battle?

    Entry hazards like Spikes or damage weather Sandstorm will remove the Sash upon switch in making it useless.

    5) I have a Lucario with the following moveset:
    SD/CC/ES/BP. Identify the moves, and give the set a fitting nickname.

    Swords Dance / Close Combat / Extreme Speed / Bullet Punch. Nickname is the OU EXTREME KILLER.

    6) My opponent used the move Gravity a few turns past, and is currently using a Mamoswine. Why would it be a bad idea to switch my Bronzong into it, which otherwise would wall its STABs completely?

    Gravity makes Levitate users such as Bronzong susceptible to Ground type attacks.

    7) Why is it in general not necessarily the best idea to put a lot of Life Orbs as held items on a team with Tyranitar?

    I do that all the time 0_o... well Sandstream + Life Orb will make your Pokemon's life short if they're not immune to Sand damage.

    Decipher the set names;

    1) NP MixApe Nasty Plot Mix Infernape
    2) TrickScarf Rotom-W Choice Scarf Rotom-W with Trick
    3) SDef SD Scizor Specially defensive Swords Dance Scizor
    4) CM Rank Calm Mind.... Rankurusu? lol
    5) BU Croak Bulk Up Toxicroak
    6) SD BP Scor Swords Dance Bullet Punch Scizor
    7) Air Balloon Tran Air Balloon Heatran
    8) AgiliGross Agility Metagross
    9) DD Bulky Gyara Bulky Dragon Dance Gyarados
    10) MixMence Mix Salamence
    11) SD YacheChomp Swords Dance Yache Berry Garchomp
    12) JelliTaunt Taunt Jellicent
    13) TR Rank Trick Room Reuniclus
    14) QD MSun Volcorona Quiver Dance Morning Sun Volcarona
    15) CB Azu Choice Band Azumarill
    16) SD RP Terra Swords Dance + Rock Polish Terrakion
    17) SubSplit Gar Substitute + Pain Split Gengar
    18) NP Luke sucks
    19) Specs Lati Choice Specs [email protected]
    20) Double Dance Dra Rain Dance + Dragon Dance Kingdra
    21) RS Starmie Rapid Spin Starmie
    22) TechniTop Technition Hitmontop
    23) CB Meta Choice Band Metegross
    24) DD Babiri Tar Dragon Dance Babiri Berry Tyranitar
    25) SubSeed CM Bi Substitute + Leech Seed + Calm Mind Celebi

    If you enjoyed solving these small tasks, I might write up some more.. ;)
    *fistpumps* I think I got 100% on that quiz.

    Edit: And I did it without looking at the answers either!
    Edit2: O_O
    I missed one... stupid Gliscor has to share the same move abbreviations.