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    The Energy Ball was able to push its way through the beam. It exploded on Commodore and knocked him to the ground. Suddenly, the bell rang. Alice looked up toward the sky as if she would see the bell floating midair. She looked at Jem and walked toward him.

    "Great job, Jem!" she said, kneeling down and stroking his fur. "Vulpix…" Jem said. He leaned against Alice, exhausted from the battle. "I see you're tired. Return." Alice took out his pokéball and it absorbed Jem inside with a red flash. That was the only time he ever went in there, when he was extremely exhausted or injured.

    "Well your dorm sure lives up to its name huh?" Mark said after walking over. Alice stood up, but didn't answer. "I don't know what your class schedule is but if you aren't busy, how about we go get lunch? My treat. Our Pokemon are probably hungry as well," Mark continued. He was right, both Commodore and Jem must have been very hungry after that battle. They both did great, and deserved the best.

    "All right," Alice replied simply. She began walking towards the cafeteria. "So… why are you here at the academy?" she asked, trying to start a new topic.
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