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    Skye heard the bell ring and quietly shut his notebook. Rama yawned and jumped onto the desk as his partner stood up. Leaping into his arms, the duo left, Skye deep in thought. As they walked own the hallway, Rama watched the boy's eyes, recognizing that cloud in the irises. Skye was flat-out tired. Inwardly, the Dark-type sighed. He always got like this when around a lot of people. This was the best place to fix that though. He pawed his partner's sleeve and barked. "Bring us to food human. We're hungry and so are you."

    Skye chuckled softly. "K-Kay." They disappeared down to the Cafeteria, quietly ordered their meal, and just like last time, sat by themselves. Thankfully this time, Ellie was happily eating and not running around. Skye looked up into the rafters and shook his head in amusement. Volca was naturally back up there with his food bowl, balancing casually on a beam. "V-Volca's go-going to g-get me in truh-trouble," he told his other two Pokemon, who both let out varying yips of agreement, Ellie's mouth stuffed with food. Rama cheerily whacked her with his tail as she leaned down for more, causing her to bite it. The Eevee yelped and released it, spitting fur from her mouth as the Zorua chuckled. Skye laughed softly, before glancing at the entryway to the Cafeteria. Alice was walking in with someone he didn't know. She escaped being caught. Should I be glad or upset? Shrugging, he went back to his sandwich.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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