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The Great Review/Recommendation Thread

Well ladies and germs, I have decided to bring back the old recommendation thread, but with a twist. I have decided that instead of just saying, 'X person should play Y game', I want you to be passionate about it and say why 'X person' should play that game, but not simply 'because it is awesome', point out the features that make it stand out to you.

The games that you recommend can be on any console, any release date and any type of game, whether it is AAA or indie. (AAA is simply lingo for a big budget commercial game.)

There isn't a set format for you to review a game, but it would be good if you could make it obvious the good and maybe bad points of the game. Think of it as a little sales pitch that you have to make. It can be whatever length you like, but don't make it too small, because then it makes it seem like you are struggling to find good aspects of the game.

Also, there will be an emblem if I think someone has taken their time and effort to write up reviews. Emblems make the world go around.

Have fun and get typing.

Ps. I will do an example of a recommendation.

Silent Hill 2: Silent Hill 2 is a great game for anyone who likes those games that make the hair on the back of their neck stand up. It has twists and turns that just make your brain hurt, but in the good way. The story is fulfilling and deep while gameplay matches it. So on so on so on.