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    Originally Posted by Phantasia View Post
    Name: Jon De' Phantasia Fantasm
    Nickname: Fantasy (as he introduces himself to new people.)
    Occupation: Trainer
    Hometown: Twinleaf Town
    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Standing at an impressive 6', Fantasy towers over most others he is likely to come across. His dull dirty blonde hair reaches down to his waist, which he has kept in a pony tail almost his entire life. He weighs a little over the average at 220 lbs, but over all, he is healthy. His emerald green eyes seem to pierce through whatever they look at, which in layman's terms would be, "He looks past what his eyes focus on." His skin is pale, and somehow, no amount of sun will ever be enough to give him a lasting tan, and also gives him a luminescent effect when in direct sunlight, though this is only slight. The clothes he wears tend to be in the dark colors, but in truth, he doesn't really give a crap what he wears.
    -Height: 6' even
    -Hair: Dull Dirty Blonde
    - Eye color: Emerald Green
    -Skin tone: Pale, faint luminescence in direct sunlight (not sparkly, just a glow)
    -Clothing Style: Often times than not, he will don a black shirt, black jeans and a green vest with a dark green pair of fingerless gloves. His shoes will always be a pair of combat boots, steel toed.
    He always has an oddly made pair of elbow and knee pads under his shirt and jeans. He keeps his glasses tucked into his shirt line when he doesn't wear them, which is rare. He also wears a necklace, an emerald set in a metalwork dolphins constantly (he has a second necklace, a ruby set in a metalwork skull and crossbones set for his one and only.)
    Personality: Fantasy is definably different than most others. He is the kind of guy who doesn't expect you to be someone your not. He accepts everyone and anyone for who they are. Though he isn't very sociable, he has a sort of magnetism that seems to draw similar minded people to him. He keeps to himself mostly, and he doesn't like real social events like a party, but in one, you can see him in the background, watching everyone else.
    Fantasy was born in the Sinnoh region, to a family in Twinleaf Town. Overall, life went by, Fantasy grew into a nice kid, went to school, made a few friends, basically, he really just generically existed. His father left his mother when he was 3, and Fantasy hasn't heard from him since the guy lost the custody hearing. Aside from that, nothing big has really happened to him. He did, however, begin showing an unusual interest in pokemon. When he could talk and everything, he spent most of his time playing outside with the local Starly and Bidoofs.

    By the time he was 10, he had learned a ton about pokemon, though it wouldn't be until he was 18 he would get his first pokemon. When he was 15, he almost succeeded in running away from his mother and become a trainer, but some insecurity held him back. His mother had expressed that she didn't want him to leave until he was 18. Once he was 18, he went to Professor Rowan. Unfortunately, Rowan had given his last pokemon to a trainer who had come the day before (game reference ^.^) It was then that Professor Juniper called in and Rowan being Rowan, explained the situation (As most japanese characters seem to always do, am I right?) Juniper, after hearing the problem, told him that she'd be glad to send one of her pokemon over the transporter.

    Pokémon Party:

    1st – Tepig
    Nickname: N/A
    Type: Fire
    Nature: Adamant
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
    are you done with this SU? I'm going to let your starter pass, well because you came up with a clever way of receiving it.
    Also, another interesting character!
    you are Accepted.
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