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    Originally Posted by Gilgαmesh View Post
    Whimsicott should've hade a wider movepool than to leave everything grass. I suppose it's similar to Lilligant's situation, but Whimsicott has so much potential to do so much more, especially with it's Prankster ability. I wanted that ability to be abused to the fullest, but with more diverse and a wider set of moves. If anything, I would think poor Whimsicott is pretty much walled by any other grass type pokemon. D:
    Whimsicott also gets Hurricane which hits most grass types for SE damage. ^^

    I would like some more moves for Serperior such as Earthquake (that goes for Samurott as well), Dragon Pulse, Power Whip, maybe some tail moves like Aqua Tail and yeah just more moves in general.
    Samurott should get Earthquake, Shell Smash, Sacred Sword.. Hmm, if Serperior would get Aqua Tail, Samurott could get Leaf Blade so both get a move that fits their appearance from each other's type.
    Stoutland should get Earthquake, I think it is big enough.
    Liepard should get Dark Pulse.
    Jellicent should get Giga Drain since it already gets Absorb.
    Seismitoad and Keldeo should get Ice Beam.
    Reuniclus should get Thunderbolt and Gothitelle Thunder..
    Watchog should get Bullet Seed and Seed Bomb. (Black Pokédex entry: When they see an enemy, their tails stand high, and they spit the seeds of berries stored in their cheek pouches.)
    there is probably more...
    I'd also like, if Butterfree got Hurricane to go with its Compoundeyes ability.(The Butterfree Effect xD)
    It would also be cool, if Zekrom's Bolt Strike would lose its signature move status and become available to some electric Pokémon who could use a good physical STAB such as Luxray, Electivire and Zebstrika.

    That's it for now. I hope some people like my ideas.^^
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