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    Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. This is the sequel to my decently popular Shiny Gold X Let's Play, which I recently finished. Well, for quite some time now, I've known what I was going to do with this Let's Play, and so without further adieu, let's get started with Fire Red Omega!

    Disclaimer: I am skipping all the beginning stuff with Professor Oak, because it doesn't make sense in context considering this is a sequel and, therefore, the character present in the LP has already become the champion of another region. Therefore, the LP will begin Chapter 1 once all those events have finished.

    Prologue - Xephyr's Bag O' Criminals

    Well, it's time to leave Johto, folks.

    After becoming champion of Johto, I decided it was time to relocate and move onto bigger and better things. So, I moved to Kanto. There was some house in a town called Pallet Town that I could move into, and that's what I did.

    I decided to ditch my old team. I knew I would miss Gatorade, Bromar, Quack, NumNums, BIG.LOAD, and Flatulence, but I also knew that it was time to move on to bigger and better things. So I rounded up six of the Pokemon I found along my travels in Johto and assembled the team I would tackle Kanto with. The thing is...they're all ruthless criminals. It's going to be a rough time running around with all of them, but I think I can make it. Allow me to introduce you to them:

    Marlboro the Koffing

    Man, don't even get me started on the backstory with Marlboro. She started out as a child as a happy little Voltorb. She was a shiny little sphere of joy and everybody loved her. Unfortunately, once the teenage years came up on her and she changed into an Electrode, she turned into a cocky little jerk. I mean, just look at Electrode:

    Look at that cocky grin. She was a rebel, and she liked to take it to the law. So she took up smoking. She obtained the nickname "Marlboro" because that's her favorite kind of cigarette. She got caught at school one day smoking and was expelled, among other things. Eventually, she smoked so much, that she changed into a Koffing, who is a sphere of unhappiness and is filled with smoke. Truly a tragic story.

    DaHood the Paras

    Look at Paras and tell me what you see. A little bug with a mushroom, right? Well, you're absolutely wrong. That thing on it's back is not a mushroom, it's actually a hood, and this Paras is actually a member of the KKK! Have you ever wondered why there's basically NO African Americans in any of the Pokemon games? Well, it's because Paras and Parasect are member of the KKK and they viciously murder all African Americans! It's truly sick, and I hope to convert DaHood into a decent member of society by the end of this LP.

    Assid the Slugma

    This is a story of drug addition. This Pokemon was formerly a Growlithe, but the Growlithe got SO ADDICTED to acid and used it SO MUCH that he actually began to melt and turn into a pool of firey lava. Eventually, the police caught on and he was in intense rehab, but he still craves his acid.

    Poliswag the Poliwag

    Poliswag here is a cold, hard, drug dealer. He bargains in the realm of drug trading, and it has gotten out of hand. I bet you always thought that when Poliwag uses Hypnosis he's actually using Hypnosis to make someone fall asleep. Well, you'd be wrong, cause he actually slips you RUFFIES and that's what makes you fall asleep. He's truly a dangerous criminal and he'd been locked up for quite sometime before I found him.

    h4x0rz the Porygon

    h4x0rz is a vicious computer hacker. You know how Sony got hacked recently? Well, it was this Porygon. He's committed so many acts of cyber theft and various other criminal acts that it's almost sickening. He writes viruses and screws so many people over and steals their credit card number. He's truly a devious, cold-blooded killer in the cyber realm.

    Yakuza the Electrike

    This guy might just be the most vicious of them all. Just look at Electrike. He looks vicious, doesn't he? Well, he's secretly a gang leader, and has ordered immense amounts of drug trafficking and gang violence over the course of his life. Hopefully by capturing him I have stopped some of his influence, but it's undeniable that he still has some devout followers out there somewhere.
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