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Snivy quickly dodged out of the way of the second Shadow Ball. As she turned around, she searched for her opponent, who had seemingly disappeared.

"Snivy! She used Dig! You can't do anything but wait until she comes up. Stay on your toes, and move if you feel her coming up. Understand?" Bri asked, trying to keep his voice level. Snivy had taken a huge hit from that last combo. Right now she had full trust in her partner. If she saw how close he was to panicing, she would too. And that would be the end the battle.

"Hah! You're hiding from me? I didn't think I was that scary! Oh, well. I guess you're all bark and no bite after all," Snivy said. She was losing the battle and she knew it. She was lashing out, hoping to make the Eevee angry and throw her off balance. Snivy stood waiting for the attack, ready to dodge it.
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