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    "Snivy! Dodge all that! I know you can do it!" Bri shouted. SnivyDodged and twisted and turned, avoiding the Shadow Balls. Then one hit her in the arm. It didn't hurt her much, but caused her to stumble a little. She tried to turn it into a roll and was rewarded by getting hit right on her tail. She went down to the ground.

    "Snivy?! Are you alright?!" Bri said urgently. Snivy slowly got to her feet.
    "I'm noy losing! Not here! Not now!" Snivy snarled.
    "Snivy, you're hurt!" Bri said.
    "Heh, I'll be alright! I don't have much steam left, though," she said.
    "Ok, then We need to do something to even it up a bit! ...I know! Use Secret Power! It has a chance of inflicting a status! I've done some reading on it, and the status varies from location to location. Based on what I read, this spot will probably have paralisis. That will stop Ellie from moving!" Bri said. Snivy gulped. That was the one move she didn't have under control. Sometimes she hit the enemy with it, and sometimes the status reflected back on her. Well, it was better than doing nothing. Snivy focused her energies. She started glowing yellow. She smiled at Ellie.

    "I'm going to wipe that smug look off your face!" Snivy promised. She charged at the Eevee, but lost her focus thinking about what the two of them had said to each other. And when she lost focus, the move rebounded on her. She felt her body tense up. With a gasp, she was left standing there, unable to defend herself.
    "Snivy?" was all Brian could say.
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