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A lot of people have asked for some kind of casual chat since the (second) DCC met its end several months ago, so we are putting one up! We do want to stress that this is not going to be like either of the old DCCs, so we'll define the general aim of this thread.

This thread is for laid back chat and discussion about any aspect of competitive battling, free from serious, heated debates as well as the kind of spam, intimidation, and trolling that accompanied the old DCCs.

It's as simple as that. There are only a few ground rules for this thread:

— Follow all Competitive Battling Center Rules.

— Do not stray from the realm of competitive battling in this thread.
This is mostly just to prevent it from becoming a third edition of the DCC.

— Try to avoid getting into huge debates.
You can disagree and contest points, but this is supposed to be a casual chat. When you start breaking each post down into several points and then countering each one, it has probably gotten a little too serious.

— Be respectful.
Again, let's not make this DCC 3.0, okay? This is really obvious and we trust that everyone will be civil!

If things get too off-topic or serious, a mod will post a friendly reminder. This is mostly just to give everyone a place to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, especially since competitive battling can get a little intense sometimes!