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Let's hit the ground rolling with a question I just came up with!

How do you deal with SmashPass teams?
With the addition of Baton Pass to Mirror Bounce Espeon, SmashPass teams have risen in usage and can easily thrash most unprepared opponents. Phazing options are extremely limited when Espeon is still around as it can simply Magic Bounce your Whirlwind/Roar right back at you and baton pass right back to Gorebyss.

I don't ladder often, but I figure my best bet at this moment is with Amoonguss and Clear Smog. It can't be taunted, or reflected, and since he's grass, he can take a hit or so from Gorebyss if it decides to stay in and Surf/Scald. If the opponent switches to Espeon, it's too late because Clear Smog would be my first move. :D