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    It seems to me that the new round of voting from Smogon has provoked some opposition from regulars on our forum, perhaps most vocally on Garchomp, now formally banned from OU / Standard, and there are disgruntled members who question making Thundurus a Suspect. On the other side of the spectrum, some have regarded the firm decision to keep Latios and Deoxys in OU disagreeable while Garchomp is being banned. The only result that came without controversy, without disagreement, without large public outcry, was the decision to keep Excadrill OU. I myself do not particularly oppose any such results (although I am somewhat annoyed by a few from this round, but it's mostly apathy), but it is clear from my observations that others do not share such a view. What do the fellow ladies (although they are a clear minority, and do not share the same compassion for competitive battling here) and gentlemen think of this round of voting, if it is not too late to discuss it? I'll be abstaining from this discussion, which I consider appropriate since I do not have a strong vested interest in opposing bans or decisions in the other direction, and only wish to gauge the general opinion of others.

    On an unrelated note, our attempts to enforce policy that will theoretically (or try to) promote activity and refresh our member base with a new generation of PC members are starting to roll off the production line. Tutoring will start soon if all goes well, and there is certainly enthusiasm and compassionate veterans of S&M / CBC to try and make sure it is a civil and energetic endeavor. I do think it will generate some form and degree of success, but it is audacious to think it will directly generate a recovery of this forum and renew the ranks; I think it is fair and somewhat optimistic to say it will help along the grander scheme, and provide a model for other ideas if it goes through successfully. Hopefully, our tutors will be polite and pass on a calm mindset, and give newer players less familiar to the competitive environment a set of basic rules and simple rationale; while I do not think practically doing everything for students is prudent it might be best to give them heavy advice, depending on the situation and relative experience of the student. We shall see. In any case, I'd like to see how others think this shall go along. Any commentary on current policies aimed at reviving this forum, or thoughts on how to continue this attempt at recovery (future actions etc.)?