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My view of SmashPass teams is simply that the use of them is so formulaic and robotic that it's not even worth winning with them because you aren't even responsible for the win really. I mean, competitive Pokemon is about winning so it's perfect within the limits of the game, but I just don't really prepare for them since I'm a very casual battler as it is and I honestly can't think of much that can stop them anyways. Though I won't say I've tried too hard.

As for the suspects, I haven't played against Deoxys-S enough to have an opinion. Excadrill is very very good but not Uber. I am conflicted on Thundurus because I've never really found a good way to stop it but at the same time it also never gets more than one or two kills in my experience. I don't really know on him. Believe it or not, I've seen like, one Latios ever, so I won't comment.

I tend to lean toward agreeing with the Garchomp ban just because one single Sand Veil miss can really be the difference between a win and a loss because Garchomp is already so gifted...but besides playing against Wolf's Sub Chomp, I don't think I've ever missed vs. one. I guess I'm just really lucky lol.

Hopefully activity picks up! The spirit of the old DCC was right but its execution was horribly flawed, so hopefully this becomes a fun thread for everyone
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