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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
Doesn't Whimisicott stop both those threats with Prankster Sleep Powder/whatever move against them?
Sleep powder isn't always reliable. If you're discussing the issue of SmashPass, if something like Haxorus(painfully) comes out, and your sleep powder somehow misses, it's GG. .____.;

In this metagame, a "hit or a miss" really does count from what I experience. Most people tend to take risks, as I found out, and run things like focus blast and stone edge still, but whether a specific move hits or misses really can determine the outcome of an entire match(or affect it heavily).

Originally Posted by Anti
maybe bring back ComNight or something?
Well, like I mentioned before on PO, in order for ComNight to really succeed in the end, a large amount of our regulars and even those that are new to CBC/S&M would all have to come on during simultaneous times. This wouldn't so much be an issue if ComNight was adjusted here and there to somehow accommodate the vast timezones and what have you, but that has always been it's weak point.

I imagine holding a ComNight at least once every month or so, if anything. Host it too often, people would lost interest. Host it less often, and you won't get as much activity. Balance is indeed important here. I would imagine at least once a month at a random day or so at the mod's discretion?
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